How does it work?  

 You order the flower bulbs you like in the shop. When you click the order button, you can enter the quantity of packages you would like to order. The quantity of packages appears automaticly in your shopping cart.

When you are finished shopping you can enter your “shopping cart” and proceed to the payment menu. You can pay savely with your Pay-Pal account or with your credit card. You can also transfer the amount to the bank account of YouTulip.

The Spring Blooming bulbs are delivered from September until late November.

The Summer Blooming bulbs will be delivered from February untill early May.

The package will dispatch in 14 days. The delivery time depends on the destination. For more information see "Delivery Information".
When you order frost sensitive bulbs, tubers or plants, you can choose to have your order delivered at the right planting time.
We will store your order under the best conditions and send you the package just before chances of frost are at a minimum. After delivery you still have to protect the products against frost!
You can select your preferred delivery time in the "address menu".


YouTulip selects her bulbs with the greatest care. May there be a problem with your order upon receipt, please contact YouTulip within 3 days.
YouTulip will send you a replacement or a refund.

Because flower bulbs are a product of Mother Nature, we can't predict the size of each year's harvest. The availability of varieties can vary each season.
Therefore YouTulip can't guarantee that your order will be shipped completely. In case of shortages, the remaining part of your order will be shipped and missing products refunded.

YouTulip pays a lot of attention to her images on the website and is very proud of the result. If you've made an even more beautiful picture of the flowers from your order, please email them to us. Each season a winner will be chosen and rewarded with flower bulb package.
All images shown on the YouTulip website have copyright, which means that without permission it's not allowed to use the images, for any reason.